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Pips Misadventures


Pip's Misadventures

Summer camp won’t know what hit them! Pip’s parents are sending him away on an adventure, but Pip’s sure a whole week at camp will be more like torture! Filled with fun comedy, eye-catching pictures, and an easy-to-follow storyline, this book is perfect for young readers and guaranteed to keep the whole family grinning to the very last page! Read More…

The Misadventures of Pip

Pip Goes to Camp


The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Penn: PIP Goes to Camp

Pip’s parent’s are sending him to summer camp—the one place he absolutely, definitely does NOT want to go! Now he’s in for eight whole days of torture, playing games, making crafts, and boating on the lake.

But worst of all are the people! From Whiner Winston keeping him awake all night with his complaining to Corrector Cora sticking her know-it-all nose into everyplace but her own business. Obviously Pip will need to do whatever it takes to get himself kicked out of camp and sent back home where he belongs.

Find out if he succeeds in this adorable chapter book that’s sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike. Filled with lots of humor, eye-catching pictures, and an easy-to-follow storyline, it’s perfect for beginning readers.


Donna's Second Book in the Misadventures of Pip Series 2

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